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Checklist: Getting Your Home Ready For Cleaning!

February 2016 Checklist


Grab the printer friendly version HERE


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Carpets – The Benefits

CCS 7 15 15 canvaHave you ever stopped and wondered about the purpose your carpets actually provide?  Once you discover the benefits of carpets, you will appreciate your carpets more and take better care of them!

Check It Out!  Carpets…

Provides Warmth

Did you know? Carpeting provides thermal resistance. That’s a fancy way of saying that when the weather is colder and damper, your carpet keeps the heat in!  It actually acts as an energy conserver!  Plus it is a comfortable place to sit, play or work!  There is nothing like stretching out on a clean, fresh smelling carpet!

It’s All About Fashion & Style!

Not only does carpeting have practical benefits but you can have FUN with it!  There are a WIDE variety of colors, patterns and textures to choose from!  So live it up and create mood, focal points and statements throughout your home.

Improve The Air YOU and YOUR Family Breathe!

Did you know that your carpet acts as a passive air filter???  It does!  It traps dust, pollen and other particles.  That means it removes them from your breathing zone. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen symptoms improve with cleaned carpeting.

Softens Slips and Falls

Carpet is not only amazing for cushioning our footsteps but it also helps in reducing slips and falls.  If you do fall, it’s a much softer fall, reducing injuries!

Reduces Noise

Our homes can be LOUD!  Especially with all the technology and devices we have in our homes.  Carpet helps absorb these sounds and it acts as a sound barrier between floors.

As you can see, your carpet is working hard for you and your comfort!  Take care of it.  Preserve it with regular deep cleanings.  We can help!  Schedule your appointment today!  Call us at:  727-364-5158

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Tips and Tricks: Carpet Fibers

As home owners we always want to find the things to make our house look good, but are always easy to clean. This includes our carpets. We are constantly asked by friends and neighbors during home renovations what the easiest ones to clean are. This opened up a great door to write a blog for everyone to see the top four types of carpet that we recommend for easy cleaning.

1. Polyester Carpets. These carpets are the best because they are able to hold bright, dramatic colors over long periods of time. They are non-allergenic and the material is made from recycles plastic bottles. This allows them to be eco-friendly as well as efficient for cleaning purposes. The only downside to them being made from recycled plastic is that the fibers can be flatted over time from a lot of weight. This makes it bad for high traffic areas.

2. Polypropylene Carpets. Polypropylene is extremely durable and very soft. It is resistant to stains, mildew, and shedding. Because the fibers are so resilient, they allow the carpets to be easily cleaned by any home owner.

3. Wool Carpets. The softest carpet fiber you can find, it is natural, luxurious, and long lasting. The downfall is that the low grade wool is more susceptible to stains while the high grade wool is very very expensive. Most manufacturers will combine wool with synthetic fibers so you can get the softness of the wool with the easy cleaning fibers that you want.

4. Cut Carpet Piles. This method of carpet piles tends to look very nice and is very easy to clean; probably more easy than any of the above. The only downfall is that the ridged nature make it easier to see foot marks and vacuum marks. It is also easier to see wear and tear so home owners usually have to replace this type of carpeting more often.

No matter what type of carpets you choose, Complete Care Systems can clean them and make them look great! Call today for an estimate 727.364.5158 or visit our website at

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Tips and Tricks: Flu Season

It’s that time of year again! The emails go out to teachers and parents telling them that students are starting to get the flu. Here at Complete Care Systems we thought we would share some tips and tricks on how to avoid the flu this year.

1. Get a flu shot. This is hands down the best thing to do for yourself during flu season. No doctor will tell you not to get the flu shot.

2. Wash your hands constantly. Our general rule is to wash your hands as much as you can stand and then some more. Scrubbing for 20 seconds or more will help fight against sickness. My daughter has her preschool class sing their ABCs as a time keeper. I may have caught her doing it a couple of times at home as well.

3. If you cannot get to soap and water during certain times of the day consider carrying alcohol based hand sanitizer. Wal Greens usually has good deals on it around this time of year. Remember, there is no substitute for hand washing, but use this in times of need.

4. Stay away from sick people. I know, easier said than done, especially for teachers. If at all possible keep your distance from those who are sick.

5. Keep a clean environment. Disinfect hard surfaces at least twice a day as well as doorknobs and light switches. We use bleach and water or Clorox wipes. Both seem to work great.

6. Finally, try to keep a healthy lifestyle. Eating “clean” and being active on a day to day basis will help in the fight against sickness throughout the year.

Being sick, especially when we have families, is rough. Knowing how to help prevent disease within your family is a good step towards keeping your home happy and healthy.


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Ultimate Fighter: Pests

Hello everyone and welcome to the last installment of Ultimate Fighter! This week we will be discussion our very favorite thing, pests.


Ants are a big problem in some homes, especially during the spring time. A quick and easy ant repellent is to mix equal parts water and white vinegar, shake, and spray in water-resistant areas. You can also spray it on your patio and around your pool to keep the ants away.


Gnats are also tough, but more tough on our skin than on anything else. To keep gnats off of you combine:

-1/3 cup imitation vanilla

-1/3 cup regular Listerine mouthwash

-1/3 cup water

Put them in a spray bottle, shake, and spray on your body. This will keep the gnats away, especially when your kids want to go and play games at night.


The worst of the pests that we encounter in life are mosquitoes. My husband and daughter get bit up more than anyone I know and they suffer for days from itching and scratching. Because of their problem I found an awesome recipe. Combine:

-8oz boiled water. Make sure to cool it first

-Add witch hazel to fill almost to the top

-1/2 tsp of vegetable glycerin

-30 to 50 drops of essential oils. You can choose one or mix some to get a stronger scent.


Pests like ants, gnats, and mosquitoes cause our lives to not be as happy and healthy as we would like them to be. Always remember the essential things to do on a regular basis to keep these pests away:

1. Keep outside lights off unless you are using them. Mosquitoes and gnats are attracted to them and they stay even after you shut the lights.

2. Keep all sweets off of your counters and closed up in a cabinet. Ants love sweets and will migrate towards them.

3. Keep all food from the outside. Mosquitoes and gnats are attracted to the scent of food.


Here at Complete Care Systems we want to keep your family healthy and happy in all aspects of life.


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Ultimate Fighter: Sickness

Nobody wants to be sick and we especially do not want our children to be sick. But what can a family do to keep sickness away? Complete Care Systems has come up with our top three favorite ways to keep healthy and stay away from sickness.


Drink enough water. Our mucus membrane and the immune cells in our bodies cannot work if we are dehydrated. That’s why doctors constantly tell us to hydrate! The general rule is to divide your weight by three. That’s how many ounces you need daily. In addition to that if you drink anything with caffeine you need to drink a glass of water to match it.


Exercise. People who exercise five or more times a week spend 43% fewer days with upper-respiratory infections. You should aim for 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily to boost blood flow and keep your healthy.


Meditate. According to a 2012 University of Wisconsin study, your mind can cut your chances of catching a cold by 40% to 50%. Meditation reduces physical effects of stress that weaken the immune system. That is why people who mediate are generally healthier and stay away from sickness.


We all want our families to be happy and healthy on a regular basis. Consider making simple changes to your daily routine to keep yourself, and your family, away from sickness.



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Ultimate Fighter: Stain Remover

Welcome to the three week “Ultimate Fighter” series. I am excited to bring you the best ways to fight stains, sickness, and pests in your happy and healthy home!

Stains are always the worst. Thank goodness my kids do their own laundry now, but for you moms and dads who still have younger kids I have three awesome stain removers that are sure to fight away your stains.

In the first corner, weighing in at 12 oz, the essential oils! We have all heard that anything with essential oils is good for our homes, including our nasty stains.

Ingredients: 1 1/2 C water, 1/4 c castile soap, 1/4 c liquid vegetable glycerin, and 5 to 10 drops of lemon essential oil.
Instructions: 1. Mix all ingredients together                        
                    2. Store in a glass container. The essential oils can disintegrate plastic.                        
                    3. To use, shake well and apply liberally. Lightly rub into fabric with your                        
Note: It works best if you treat the spot immediately and allow it to soak before tossing it into the washing machine.

In the second corner, weighing in at 24 oz, ammonia! Ammonia is great way to break up dirt and grime from anything, including your clothing.

Ingredients: 2/3 c Dawn dish detergent, 2/3 c ammonia, 6 tbsp baking soda, and 2 cups warm water.
Instructions: 1. Mix together all ingredients in a medium bowl. Using a funnel, pour into a spray bottle.     
                     2. To use, shake the bottle well. Spray as you would on a normal stain then wash.
Note: DO NOT use on anything that will be washed with chlorine because of the ammonia.

In the third corner, weighing in at 6oz, Dawn dishwashing liquid! No matter what homemade cleaner you are told to make, most of the time blue Dawn dishwashing liquid is mentioned in the ingredients. This is because it is a big grease fighter and works on almost anything.

Ingredients: 1 part Dawn dishwashing detergent, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, and 1 to 2 tbsp of baking soda.
Instructions: 1. Mix ingredients together in a small bowl.       
                     2. Use a small brush to scrub the mixture into the stained area. Rinse, then wash as             
                    3. For tougher stains, let the mixture sit on the stained garment for an hour or so, then wash. Or treat the area a
                    few times before washing.
Note: Test on an inconspicuous area first because hydrogen peroxide can be tough on certain fabrics.

In our opinion, homemade stain removers work better than store bought ones. Plus, you can change them and even make new recipes to fit your budget and lifestyle. At Complete Care Systems we strive to help you and your family live happy and healthy lives.