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Tips and Tricks: Carpet Cleaning and the Right Company

Today we are covering carpets…get it covering…carpets…haha….ok ok I won’t quit my day job.

Seriously though we use a method of carpet cleaning that is called low moisture encapsulation cleaning.

Low moisture is very important especially in the state of Florida where high humidity is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Did you know that mildew can start to grow within 4 hours of having a wet carpet? With our carpet cleaning system that is never a worry! Generally, you can immediately walk on the carpets once we leave because they are only left damp. They are fully dry within a couple of hours.

There are a number of reasons we love our system let me give you just a few:

*Encapsulation cleaning uses MINIMAL water (Ten Times Less than Hot Water Extraction)

*Dries quickly

*Reduces the chance of wicking (stain coming back)

*Carpet Lasts Longer

*Safe for You, Your Children, Pets, Customers, Employees, etc.

*Carpet Smells Fresher, Longer


And here are a few more reasons:

*No Air Pollution

*No Noise Pollution

*No Water Pollution

*No Risk of Mold or Mildew

*No Sticky Residue

*No Hoses

*No Open Doors

No matter how great a carpet cleaning system is without a properly trained technician your carpets will not be cleaned the right way. You will never have to worry with Complete Care Systems we have over 20 years of experience in the industry. You will never have a technician at your home that has not been fully trained on spot removal and the technology we use to clean your carpet.

Regardless what company you choose to use to have your carpets cleaned be sure they are licensed, insured, and background checked. You can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your family safe. We use a service called to background check our employees. We can’t pay them to say we are a safe company they check on a consistent basis to be sure our licenses are up to date and that we have current background checks.

One last way to be sure a company is reputable is to check their reviews. We received the Angie’s List Super Service Award this year and are planning on doing it again next year. We are also background checked by Angie’s List. So you can be doubly sure we are a reputable company.

Complete Care Systems services residential and commercial clients in Pasco, Pinellas, most of Hillsborough and parts of Hernando Counties. Our services include carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning. Grout sealing, tile and grout repair, grout coloring and leather cleaning. We would be happy to give you a free estimate for any of our services.

Please call 727-364-5158


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Tip and Tricks: Knee Pain

With the cruddy weather beginning my daughter is constantly complaining about her knee pain. It turns out that wearing her brace isn’t enough for her anymore so I decided to research and share with you what I have come up with as the top ways to keep your knees happy and healthy.

1 – Maintain a healthy weight. Your knees carry your entire body weight. Depending on your height, your weight could influence the amount of stress on your knees. If you are overweight, losing 5% of your body fat could significantly reduce the amount of stress on your knees.

2 – Find low impact exercises. Squats and excess cardio will not strengthen your knees like you think. Start slow. Water aerobics are a good place to begin. Just make sure you are stretching before any exercises and cooling down after.

3 – Proper sleep is very important. Although knee pain could keep you up at night, your body needs the R and R. Also consider meditation during the day to keep your stress levels low.

4 – Interchange hot and cold compresses on your knees. It can help relieve swelling and stiffness. My daughter does 10 minutes of cold and 10 minutes of hot 3 times a day and it helps reduce the swelling. This may not work for you so try different amounts of time.

As always, consult with your doctor for severe conditions. When it comes to our family, friends, and clients Complete Care Systems wants everyone to stay happy and healthy.


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Do You Change Your Sheets?

They’re out to get us! Each and every night, our health is threatened.  These threats are essentially invisible to our eyes.  Don’t be afraid!  As responsible homeowners, we are all aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness in the bedroom.  Particularly, what many of us cuddle up with every night…our sheets! 

The general rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning our sheets is to clean them at least once a month. Ideally, however, we should clean them every week or two.  If this is not being done, make a note to begin doing this regularly.  Your sinuses will appreciate the change!

But why do we change our sheets to begin with? For starters, our bodies have between two and four million sweat glands that produce two-hundred milliliters of sweat per eight hours of sleep each night.  Imagine this: in two week’s time, that’s enough sweat to fill up your two-liter of Pepsi!  Feeling the burn yet?

Like many Americans, do you find yourself sniffling and sneezing in the comfort of your own home?  There are many allergens one could point their finger at; however, a microscopic insect is likely to blame.  Insect?  Oh my, call the exterminator!  Not so fast, there’s a much easier solution.  Cleaning your sheets regularly will put a dent in their population.  Which, if you’re curious, could be over ten-million.  Yes, that “mite” be a problem.  Don’t underestimate these little guys, they are one of the biggest threats facing our well-being.

If your family is like mine, then drooling is an every night occurrence. The average person drools about eight ounces per night, enough to fill your morning cup of coffee. Saliva produces different germs than sweat would. How are these germs different? The saliva contains remnants of the foods you eat throughout the day; no matter how often you brush your teeth, there will always be remnants left in your saliva.

Can you name the largest organ of the human body?  Brain?  Lungs?  I know you must have a big heart, but the largest organ of the body is actually your skin.  Our bodies slowly grow and age; our skin is no different; however, it changes much more rapidly every day.  Like onions, and Shrek, our skin also has layers.  Our skin sheds bits of its top layer most often while we shower and sleep.  Where does this skin go?  In the shower, it goes down the drain.  But what while you’re sleeping?  These bits of skin become a late night snack for dust mites.  

My hope is that, by now, you realize the importance of cleaning your sheets.  But what about other places our body rests during the day?  I know one place I spend a lot of my time, or, wish I could spend more time, is on the couch.  Napping, relaxing, daydreaming, or just resting after a long day of work our couches are there to support us.  Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones they support.  They’re home to an empire of dust mites.  What can we do to take care of our couch?  It is recommended by the carpet and upholstery industry to clean your upholstery every eighteen to twenty-four months. We recommend considering how often you use your couch, how many people use it, and the condition of the furniture before deciding how long to wait before cleaning them.

So why then would you clean your sheets and not your upholstery? Upholstery contains more dust mites and dead skin than your sheets ever will.  Give your upholstery the same time and care you dedicate to your sheets, your sinuses will thank you.

At Complete Care Systems we worry about your health too. Call us for a free estimate.


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Ultimate Fighter: Pests

Hello everyone and welcome to the last installment of Ultimate Fighter! This week we will be discussion our very favorite thing, pests.


Ants are a big problem in some homes, especially during the spring time. A quick and easy ant repellent is to mix equal parts water and white vinegar, shake, and spray in water-resistant areas. You can also spray it on your patio and around your pool to keep the ants away.


Gnats are also tough, but more tough on our skin than on anything else. To keep gnats off of you combine:

-1/3 cup imitation vanilla

-1/3 cup regular Listerine mouthwash

-1/3 cup water

Put them in a spray bottle, shake, and spray on your body. This will keep the gnats away, especially when your kids want to go and play games at night.


The worst of the pests that we encounter in life are mosquitoes. My husband and daughter get bit up more than anyone I know and they suffer for days from itching and scratching. Because of their problem I found an awesome recipe. Combine:

-8oz boiled water. Make sure to cool it first

-Add witch hazel to fill almost to the top

-1/2 tsp of vegetable glycerin

-30 to 50 drops of essential oils. You can choose one or mix some to get a stronger scent.


Pests like ants, gnats, and mosquitoes cause our lives to not be as happy and healthy as we would like them to be. Always remember the essential things to do on a regular basis to keep these pests away:

1. Keep outside lights off unless you are using them. Mosquitoes and gnats are attracted to them and they stay even after you shut the lights.

2. Keep all sweets off of your counters and closed up in a cabinet. Ants love sweets and will migrate towards them.

3. Keep all food from the outside. Mosquitoes and gnats are attracted to the scent of food.


Here at Complete Care Systems we want to keep your family healthy and happy in all aspects of life.