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Tips and Tricks: Pet Dander

Let’s face it, we love our pets. They are like family. They sleep in our beds, hang out on the couch while watching tv, and even let the young kids play dentist in their mouth (yuck!). They are the perfect addition to any family. But then the tragedy comes. Your kid starts sneezing constantly or you are continually rubbing your dry eyes. Let the allergies begin. Most families consider getting rid of their furry friends, but we think they should stay. Why? Because there are ways to lessen the dander and help your family to not suffer.

Let’s start with the basic science behind the allergies before telling you how to fix them. The allergic symptoms that everyone gets are not from the animals fur. In fact it is from the proteins that are secreted in the saliva and oil glands that sheds the dead skin. This is dander and quite frankly it is gross.

Warning: These tips and tricks are not a magical cure. In fact, it could take up to 2 months before your symptoms start to disappear.

1. Washing and brushing your animals once a week will help reduce the pet dander. If you have a very fury animal, such as a Husky, you may want to brush them more than once a week. Hopefully you have someone in your home who doesn’t suffer and can do it for you. Just remember to do it outside if possible. You wouldn’t want to be the cause of more dander in your home.

2. For those in the home that suffer from allergies make sure the bedrooms are off limits. You don’t want to wake up at 2am rubbing your eyes and sneezing. But keep in mind that pet dander travels, especially on clothes. Keeping animals out of the bedroom will reduce allergies, but not cure them.

3. Allergens are never contained. They travel on clothes and through the heating and air conditioning system. Consider high efficiency air filters and change them every two to three months to help reduce the distribution of dander in your home. Also consider using a central air cleaner for at least 4 hours a day. The air cleaners can help to remove a large amount of pet allergens from the home.

4. We love to show our pets how much we truly love them, and they do as well. If it is a must to hug and kiss your pets, make sure to wash your hands right after. Your hands hold onto the dander and you do not want that to be near your face.

5. Get your carpets and upholstery cleaned. Your pets love to roll around on your carpets and sit on your upholstery with you. Just vacuuming them isn’t enough. Having a professional come out and clean will significantly reduce the dander more than vacuuming alone.

Animals are a big part of our daily lives and most people will do anything to keep them in the home. At Complete Care System we want to keep your family and small friends happy and healthy together.



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Tips and Tricks: Sinus Pressure

Do you or anyone else in your family suffer with sinus pressure? In our home my husband and daughter suffer with it all year round. I don’t like when they take over the counter medicines to often. I finally decided to research some ways to relieve the pressure and since the summer heat is horrible on our sinuses I thought this would be the perfect time to share these tips and tricks with you!

1. Sleep on several pillows at night to elevate your head. This position will help open your sinus passages to allow you to breathe better.

2. Hydrate your body. The more liquids you have in your body, the more moisture your system will have overall. Some teas, like chamomile, also act as natural decongestants.

3. Keep the air moist by using a humidifier. Dry air can irritate sinuses and cause them to swell.

4. Apply a warm moist washcloth to your face several times a day. This can help open up your sinuses.

5. Clean your carpets and upholstery. Carpets and upholstery lock in dust mites and allergens that cause the sinuses to swell when breathed in.

To help get rid of all of those dust mites and allergens make sure to call Complete Care Systems. Tune in next week for more tips and tricks on keeping your home happy and healthy.


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Tips and Tricks: Carpet Cleaning


We all overlook having our carpets cleaned. We think that since we vacuum all the time it should do the trick. Vacuuming at least once a week is great but you have to have your carpets cleaned at least once a year, more if you have pets and/or kids. Carpets harbor unseen bacteria, dirt, hair, and dust mites. Even using a HEPA vacuum will not get everything out. To put it simply, you need a professional to clean your carpets to get everything out.

Professionals start with pre-vacuuming. This primes the carpets for the deep cleaning that is about to happen. After, they put down a concentrated cleaner to break down the embedded dirt. Extra is applied to high traffic areas and places where there are noticeable stains. Deodorizer is also used to help your carpets smell nice and clean during this process. After all, who wouldn’t want their carpets to smell nice? Finally, they vacuum up everything. This will pick up all of the dirt, hair, bacteria, and dust mites that the cleaner has killed.

At Complete Care Systems we do not use a wet method, we use a low moisture system. Our encapsulation cleaner holds the dirt, hair, bacteria, and dust kites in to ensure that we get it all out. Your carpets will dry in a few hours rather than taking the entire day to dry with the wet methods.
Call Complete Care Systems today for all of your carpet cleaning needs. At Complete Care Systems we don’t cut corners, we clean them.

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Tips and Tricks: Tile and Grout Cleaning


Everyone want their tile and grout to look nice all year round, but not many actually look nice. Why is this? We scrub at them a couple times a week and they still have films or stains. Lets explore the reasons why our tiles do not always look their best.

1. Over time the dirt starts to cling to your tiles, especially in high traffic areas. This will start to age them slowly over time, which makes them start to look worse and worse the longer you have tiles.

2. The type of cleaner you buy plays a big roles in how your tiles look and feel. Most low end cleaners eventually leave a film (quite possibly a sticky film) that nobody wants in their home.

3. Take a good look at your grout lines. Most likely you will see small holes or cracks. These are the breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The mold and bacteria grow at a steady pace and could cause your whole family to become sick. Depending on the temperature in the room depends how fast the mold and bacteria will grow, but either way you do not want those silent killers in your home.

These three problems could easily be fixed with a yearly call to your local cleaning expert. If you live in the Tampa Bay Area then Complete Care Systems can help you with all of your tile and grout cleaning needs. We not only clean, but we also replace grout, color grout, and seal tile and grout.

HELPFUL HINT: In between yearly cleanings from a professional you will want to clean your tile and grout at least once a week. You will want to use a product that is mid range in price because it will not leave the unwanted residue that the other cleaners will leave. Just remember that after you use any product to rinse the floor with clean water to get any excess dirty up and to help take the harsh chemical off of the floor that you do not want your family to touch!